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Alu Chair by Muller Van Severen

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The alu chair was originally designed as an outdoor chair for Anne Holtrop’s Bahrain pavillion for the World Expo 2015 in Milan. Since it is made of aluminum, the chair is quite light and suited for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the treatment with beeswax and a UV protective lacquer. The aluminum frame of the chair shines bright while the coloured back and seating give it that typical Muller Van Severen aesthetic. “Choosing the colours was hard for this chair." Fien says. “For the back and seating of the other chair we designed, we applied polyethylene, a material that is produced in a limited number of colours. These chairs are painted in a powder coating, meaning we could choose any colour we wanted." In the end Muller Van Severen chose sixteen colour combinations, which is a larger number than they usually work with. “This multiplicity of colours makes it look extra fun." Hannes explains. “You can actually create a landscape of colours." "The colors of the chair really determine the atmosphere of the space." Fien adds. “You can create a very playful or a rather serious environment."

21"L - 31"H - 15"W

seat: 18"H



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