studio rental

Our 4000 square foot showroom is located at 53 Judson Street in Etobicoke. The building features abundant natural light, ground floor access, ground level loading door and spacious and varied design. It can be rented to assist in personal and professional projects and meets all the prerequisites to host events and gatherings.

furniture rental

A wide range of our furniture is available for rent, by the week, at a rate of 28% of the item’s retail value. Renters will be charged for the full retail amount of rented items before pickup and then refunded the difference upon delivery in the same condition. We do not provide delivery or moving blankets for rentals. We do not wrap furniture for rentals. It is important to note that professional movers with blankets and wrap and at least two people for oversized items, should be arranged.

Additionally, our store or selection of furniture may be rented out for Photography Shoots or Film Projects.

Please email us at for a quote or for any other inquiries.