about us

Bonne Choice is a design dealer and showroom based in Toronto, specializing in the procurement of vintage, rare and contemporary furniture and objects. Founded in 2023, Bonne Choice sources vintage homewares globally while working with emerging designers to provide a curated landscape of design today.

Bonne Choice
 will become an essential resource for architects and designers to realize and enhance their work and spaces. With an informative temperament, including design-focused content and events, we aim to stay engaged with the ever-evolving needs of our clientele and community.

Founder Carlo Colacci, now with a decade-plus of experience, has become a trusted source in meeting the needs of notable designers, architects, and developers throughout Canada. Carlo's unrelenting interest in design has allowed him to develop a keen eye and a thoughtful approach. Having nurtured a strong network through his regular attendance of design expositions, antique fairs, and his involvement founding and developing the xDrake General Store, Carlo is equipped with a strong foundation steeped in quality service.