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Three Doors, 2022 by Michelle Paterok

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The serene, expansive quality of Michelle's work conveys a mastery of painting. Her subtle gradation of colours draw on light and shadow, surreal pathways that open to three doors are brought back to reality by the crossing of a small cat.

1/1 - Original Artwork

96"W - 60"L

Oil on canvas

Michelle's interest in painting’s capacity to represent subjective experiences is the foundation of her studio practice. Her current work is grounded in the following questions: How is space experienced subjectively, and how are these experiences reconstructed in our memories? How might time’s passage be expressed in the static frame of a painting? Finally, what role might painting have to play in addressing the environmental urgencies of the present moment? With these in mind, she uses the medium to mine the poetics of small gestures and encounters in daily life.