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Material Pendant, Cork by Noergaard & Kechayas

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The Material Pendant lamp highlights the power of simplicity in form. Through this simplicity, it can become a standout piece within a room, or be used to complement those around it. From the warmth of oak and cork, to the roughness of concrete and marble, the richness of terracotta, and the radiance of yellow steel, the Material Pendant offers a versatile addition to any space. The possibilities are endless.

H: 5.5" x Ø: 5.1"

Natural cork, aluminium

The Danish designers Christian Noergaard and Martin Kechayas established the design studio Noergaard & Kechayas in 2009. The Copenhagen-based studio concentrates on industrial, furniture and lightning design. Noergaard and Kechayas are two very different characters. Noergaard is calm and pensive and has a critical approach on design whereas Kechayas has a lot of ideas and temperament. When designing these differences complement each other and create a strong dynamic between the designers.

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