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Ceiling Lamp N°4, Ivory by Muller Van Severen

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Bring a true piece of design into your home with this beautiful lamp. The story of designer couple Muller Van Severen began with this original collection of lamps. Just like a pencil drawing, their creations are designed to be simple and colourful, giving the appearance of being suspended in mid air. At the end of the lamp’s thin frame hangs a perfectly neutral, sober, and elegant lampshade. It’s a piece that will add a contemporary yet cheerful touch to your space.

The lamp is made of steel, thus unbendable. These frivolous lamps are available in the meticulously selected playful colours that is so typical to the oeuvre of Muller Van Severen. ‘We want to make people look at the architecture of the home again, at the walls and the ceiling’, Hannes Van Severen explains. These lamps lead the eye’. That’s what design should do: tie the room together to create one story: the tale of the owner.

59"L - 37"H - 0.71"W

Metal, Milk Glass


Condition: New