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Earth and Body, 2022 by Lucas Biagini

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His abstract paintings utilize colour and shapes that are often reminiscent of tectonic plates, fault lines or topographical maps – with organic forms and valleys stretching across the canvas. In some of his works we are reminded of skin, the body and our emotions within us – coming to light in moments of paint oozing from cracks or being released from pulling back top layers. The surface puckers and dimples, and under layers shine through. The subconscious slips through to the forefront of our thoughts. What’s beneath the surface tells the story.

1/1 - Original Artwork

26"W - 31"L

Oil and mixed media on panel

Born in 1996 in Toronto, lives and works in Toronto. Lucas Biagini is a painter who rarely uses brushes. He moulds, slices and forms mixtures of oil paint with clays to sculpt relief-like paintings that are highly textured and layered.