Centrepiece, Orange by Ettore Sottsass

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Centrepiece in limewood. Colored foot, orange.

SMALL MONUMENTS FOR GREAT DOMESTIC SETTINGS: With its majestic design, this centerpiece - consisting of a pedestal with a round base and a large bowl - is one of the Most Significant pieces designed by Ettore Sottsass for Alessi.

Evocative: The centrepiece proposes a structure dear to Sottsass, namely the overlapping of volumes and shapes of different sizes which thrust upwards, like “a tree with generous branches and roots firmly planted in the ground”.

Practical: It is perfect on the table thanks to its sculptural design and carefully calculated height, designed not to obstruct the view between diners.

Fascinating: With its incisive and powerfuldesign, it is a small work of art capable of standing out in any domestic space.

Textural:The grains, knots and subtle differences that are typical of wood make each piece unique and distinct, satisfying all the senses in its use.


Made in Italy, near where Alessi is based, using a partly hand-crafted turning process.

Produced using FSC-certified wood guaranteeing an eco-sustainable origin.

Colored with water-based and totally solvent-free paints that are sustainable for the environment and not harmful to human health.

HACCP certified, a control system that guarantees the correct hygiene and health parameters for food products.


Versatile: The large bowl can hold fruit, chocolates and sweets, dried flowers and other decorative items, according to personal taste and needs.

Easy to clean: Use a damp cloth or wood cleaner and dry immediately. Do not wash by immersion, underwater or in a dishwasher, and avoid the use of abrasive detergents, which could damage the surface finish of the product.

Easy to store over time: Do not expose to prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat sources and store in a dry and ventilated area.

Beech Wood, Glass


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