Ligne Roset

Aralia Armchair by Michel Ducaroy

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A close cousin to the highly-coveted Togo, Michel Ducaroy’s ‘Aralia’ is as comfortable as it looks. The plush grey plaid upholstery is original to the piece.

34.5"W - 36.5"D - 29.5"H



After completing his education in France, Ducaroy embarked on a remarkable career that showcased an innovative approach to furniture design. Designing for Ligne Roset starting in 1954, Ducaroy pushed technological boundaries for the company with the advent of new materials such as foams, quilting and thermoformed plastics. In 1973, he introduced his most notable piece, the Togo sofa. With its distinctive low-slung form and enveloping cushions, he revolutionized the concept of comfort and aesthetics in seating. Inspired by the avant-garde spirit of the 1960s, Ducaroy's Togo sofa broke away from traditional structures, offering a casual and relaxed seating experience.

Condition: Vintage