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HALIKKO Dining Table

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Named after the hometown of Made by Choice's manufacturing, Halikko series consist of light, sleek and comfy furniture with a simple structure and obscurely quirky characteristics. Based on a 35x35 mm structure in solid oak, Halikko draws a natural continuation of the exploratory work by Choice on straight-forward structures, and expressive graphic surface treatments. Halikko draws its simple characteristics based on pure lines. Halikko is as pleasing to use at home as in collective spaces.

Halikko is a historic place with evidence of settlement since the Stone Age. The prehistoric village became an important trade and meeting place on the Finnish coast and the vikings sailed to Halikko to trade with the finns. Several Iron Age treasures has been found in Halikko. In the first centuries of the Swedish rule in Finland, the land was given to the ruling class. Many significant manors were founded and they became powerful owners in Halikko. The oldest documented record of Halikko is from 1313 and the stone church of Halikko was built in 1440. Some people call Halikko the Tuscany of Finland with its many castles and manors and picturesque countryside.

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80x180: 70.8"W - 31.5"D - 29.1"H

100x240: 94.5"W - 39.4"D - 29.1"H

120x300: 118"W - 47.2"D - 29.1"H

Square: 25.5"W - 25.5"D - 29.1"H



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