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Bamboo Vase, Large by Enzo Mari

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Vase in soft resin designed by Enzo Mari in 2011 for Lezioni by Enzo Mari collection.

A cylindrical vase inspired by a bamboo cane, decorated with a large squares pattern, alternating matte white and dlear dark grey. A regular chessboard creates rhythm and coexists harmoniously with the irregularity of the surface. This object is an example of the experimental spirit of Enzo Mari, one of the first experimenters of industrial design in the 21st century.

*All the pieces are hand-made therefore unique and they won’t be exactly the same of the images provided. Variations in the dimensions, hues and colour distribution are likely to happen.

  • Diameter - 6"
  • Height - 11"



Enzo Mari was born in Novara in 1932.‎ Artist and designer, in the early 50’s he studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera.‎
He is considered the ‘analytical consciousness of design’, who ‘thinks creatively and builds logically’, ‘who uses the contradictions as creative material’.‎ Modernist, a guide for architects and designers, a promoter of the purest and wildest imagination and an advocate of the ‘thinking’ hand which produces shapes progressively.‎ Many of Enzo Mari’s pieces are displayed in the most important museums around the world.‎ He has collaborated with many prestigious companies, designing several objects.‎ His constant research and activities have been honoured with the most prestigious awards.‎

The fortunate encounter and collaboration between Enzo Mari and Corsi Design, has developed a tangible revolution in the approach in making the Lezioni collection.‎ The evolution from project to product, becomes an iterative process and a progressive intellectual growth where the artist leads the artisan to a major awareness of the object purpose, its function and aesthetic values.‎ A range of vases and centre pieces in different dimensions, hand made by our artisans.‎ The result is the Maestro’s refined rigour and his poetic artistic sensibility combined with the ability and craftsmanship experience of the makers.‎

Condition: New